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“Grab your piece of the 400 billion dollar eBay pie and explode your income in ways you could never even possibly begin to imagine! This eBay guru veteran will disclose to you the same behind-close-door secrets that have generated him untold fortunes over the course of his eBay career.”

Dear friend,

I was one of eBay's top volume sellers since 1997. Over the last 10 years, I've spent my career toiling over untold hours to create, enhance, and perfect a fool-proof eBay business model that has skyrocketed me into one of the auction marketplace’s most successful Powersellers.

Make no mistake about it – what you’re about to read is coming deep within the heart of one of eBay’s biggest players! I've ran an eBay store stocked with hundreds of thousands of red-hot products. I sell anything you can possibly think of on eBay – high end electronics, DVDs, games, clothing, household products, you name it! And now, I’m about to spill my guts out to you on my exact secret roadmap that could spring-board you into one of eBay's next biggest monster Powersellers!


True Story

Did you know that a woman from Florida listed a piece of old grilled cheese sandwich on eBay and sold it for $28,000?! The only easier way to make money is if they grow on trees! Regular people just like you are making a ton of extra cash selling on eBay. eBay business is so easy for me, it’s like taking candy from a helpless baby!

"Why is it so ludicrously simple to generate
flows of heart-pounding cash on eBay?"

You need zero knowledge about designing websites
You need zero knowledge in marketing and advertising
You need zero start-up capital!
You need zero business experience!
You need
zero technical and computer skills!

Selling and making money on eBay is so drop-dead-simple, just about anybody of any business or computer experience can make it happen. And I’m not talking about the ones who are making a few extra spare change selling products here and there either – I’m talking about regular housewives, retirees, college students, and busy parents who are consistently milking several thousands of dollars every week with their eBay business from the comfort of their homes!

"Open Your Doors To Over 200 Million Hungry eBay Shoppers Worldwide"

eBay is easily the most popular marketplace on the web. Hands down, this auction giant is the mother of online businesses and has helped shaped more than 900,000 successful stay-at-home entrepreneurs. I've made my fortunes selling on eBay, and I have no doubt that I can get YOU, the average Joe, to board the spaceship to eBay fortune with my breakthrough roadmap to auction riches.


eBay has over 200 million registered users (and this number grows at an astonishing pace - several thousand new users join eBay every single day!)
Over 2 million people visit eBay every day scouring for items to purchase
If the sellers on eBay are considered their employees, then eBay is the largest employer in the world!
eBay is the fastest growing business ever in the history of American and international businesses.
eBay is the world's largest internet commerce
If eBay is considered a nation, it would be the 9th most populous country in the world
Half of all internet users visit eBay at least once every month!
eBay is one of the world's greatest contributing factors to the boost of the global economy
Over 2.1 billion items will be listed for sale on eBay this year
Over 400 billion dollars have been spent on eBay by customers since the marketplace’s creation
Over $100,000 worth of sales are made on eBay every single minute! That’s over 50 billion dollars people spend on eBay every year!
eBay has achieved financial success far grander than any other businesses in history in the quickest time
The eBay potential is stronger today than it has ever been!
eBay has changed the lives of countless people who sell on it, and it will for you too under the guidance of one of the auction marketplace's most illustrious Powersellers!

"What has made me so wildly successful beyond my years
on eBay isn’t because of what I do, but how I do it!"

Why don’t we get to the nitty-gritty and let me, a decade-long eBay Powerseller, show how you can skip 10 years worth of learning curve and cut in line to start your eBay success career without flushing away thousands of wasteful hours on costly trial-and-error!


True Story

One man's trash can really be another man's treasure. Here are just a few samples of trashes that have sold on eBay over the recent years:

You can literally
point your finger at just about anything in your home, and there will be a buyer on eBay who can't wait to get their hands on it!

"Here's a tiny sneak-peak preview of what you can expect to discover
in eBay Fortune: The Definitive Roadmap to Auction Riches:"

How you can get started on your own eBay empire today without dropping a dime on any inventory
Where new eBay members always go wrong, and how to never follow these stale footsteps
What you must do before you even consider listing any item on eBay. Skipping this step can end up cutting your profits in half!

A dreadful mistake 95% of new eBay users make when first signing up with eBay, and how to steer clear away from this awful pitfall.
A "hidden" registration link that eBay doesn't advertise anywhere! I'll show you how to gain access to this secret link and reap in the priceless benefits
My proven guide on how to create the perfect eBay user ID

How to determine what type of products you should sell on eBay
How to determine what type of products you should avoid selling - you'll be shocked to find out that almost all new eBayers will innocently fall into this trap!
A false trap that fools 90% of eBay sellers into falsely thinking they're selling hot products - I'll expose this malicious trap to you and my clear-cut method how you can steer clear away from this awful catch
How to create your own product to sell like hotcakes on eBay!
How to quickly identify the highest profit margin products, and take full advantage of this newfound knowledge
A typical seller spends hours determining their profit-per-sale on items before they list. I've got a nasty secret how you can instantly do this job at a click of a button!
A free secret tool that will allow you to instantly discover the best-selling products on eBay without breaking a sweat
Did you know that hundreds of thousands of buyers are looking for products that no sellers are selling on eBay? I have developed a secret method on how you can track down these obscure products and their eager buyers at a click of a button!

“I will leave you with no stones unturned. You'll receive instant access
to the same set of
red-hot suppliers, tools, and resources that I've
personally used to generate thousands in eBay revenues in a day

My complete list of glowing-hot wholesale suppliers who will sell you just about every product under the sun for pennies on the dollar! Turn around, resell these on eBay, and pocket the profits!
How to get your hands on a truckload of surplus inventory from the big companies at laughably low costs, and then resell them on eBay for stellar profits
How to get a 3rd party to stock, package, and ship products to your customers on your behalf, and charge you NOTHING for the work!
How to grab dirt cheap products right off on eBay and resell them twice of what you paid!
How to negotiate for rock-bottom pricings at any wholesaler - even if you've never sold a thing in your life!


“I’ll expose to you my killer method on how to create powerful
auctions that will generate bids like wildfire every time you list!”

How to utilize an invaluable feature on eBay to determine if your item will sell, and for how much, before you even list it!
My "no headache" method on how to determine whether to list your items as auctions or buy-it-now
The authoritative answer to whether you should sell lots of low-valued products, or just several of the high-valued ones
Why starting with a lower bid is better than starting high [BUT CAREFUL - this strategy can go horribly wrong at times - I'll reveal to you exactly when to list low and when to avoid]
An eBay listing feature that you should never, ever use. What's so shocking is virtually every seller has used this feature without knowing it's the single most destructive element toward their sales!
The other listing feature that you should always, always avoid.
My rule-of-thumb guide on when and when to not use listing upgrades.
How to create mouth-watering item descriptions that will make your customers melt

“Whether you're a complete eBay beginner of no experience, or an
eBay veteran who thought you knew-it-all, this mind-blowing guide can
change your eBay experience forever (and your bank account too!)”

A fatal mistake that most sellers make while creating their item descriptions and how to avoid this costly trap
The hard-to-believe truth about the typical eye-catching item descriptions that actually backfires!
How to add a "personal touch" to every item you list - without lifting a finger!
A costly mistake that just about every seller make in their item titles, and why you should never follow their awful footsteps
My top-secret tool that I use to select the perfect listing categories to list your items with a click of a button!

Here's a snapshot of my eBay sales:

How to glorify your auctions and make them stand clear out to every eBay user.
How to determine the length of your auctions. If you thought that longer is better, you're going to be in for a shocking surprise!
My secret formula to determine what day of the week should you start and end your auctions in order to maximize your profits
My other formula to determine what time during the day should you start and end your auctions in order to maximize your profits
There's an old saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words. You'll discover why this old adage is nowhere truer than on eBay!

“My insider secrets on how to make attention-grabbing eBay
listings that steal the eyeballs off of every eBay viewer”

How to write eye-catching item titles that will instantly hook any bidder's attention
How to create a gallery image that will stand clear out from the rest of your competitors
How to write attention-grabbing item descriptions that will turn casual viewers into avid buyers
How to generate the perfect photo for your listing

“I’ll reveal to you my dirty little secrets how to supercharge your
eBay reputation with a stellar, talk-of-the-town feedback score!

How to get eBay to award you with a flying star icon that will push buyers to bid with confidence on any item you list!
The duh-simple way to effectively communicate with your customers and skyrocket your chance of their return business
The quickest and easiest way for you to build up a mountain of positive feedbacks and put limitless confidence in all your bidders
The hard-to-believe truth about offering guarantees on eBay that I promise will blow you out of your seat!
How to literally force buyers to keep in good communications with you
My drop-dead-simple method on how to gain the trust of the eBay community even if you're complete beginner with zero feedbacks and never engaged in an online transaction.
My foolproof method how on attaining stellar feedbacks on eBay each and every time you sell
How to neutralize just about any of your negative feedbacks
The #1 cause of negative feedbacks on eBay is something that I guarantee you would’ve never thought of! I'll reveal to you what it is, and what you can do to completely wipe out the biggest cause for negative feedbacks on eBay
A little-known trick you can do once your auction ends that will drastically broaden every customer's satisfaction

“I’ve gone through years of
sweat, and tears
on eBay to bring you this guide.”

The one single thing you should do every time you list an item to ensure a hassle-free transaction
The quickest and easiest way to accept credit card payments on eBay. It's so simple, you'll be hitting yourself on the head for not doing it sooner!
13 sneaky secrets on how you can use eBay to drive swarms of high quality traffic to your website at no costs
How to minimize your packaging and shipping costs
My startling method on how to skyrocket your eBay sales by 200%. Try selling without applying this crucial technique and watch how your sales will plummet overnight!
The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to ship anything to your buyers. A considerable number of buyers leave negative feedback on eBay due to disappointment over shipping. Those days are history once you go over this section in my guide
How to get someone to package and ship products for you and not have to drop a penny for his work!

“One of the key secrets to my stellar eBay success: return business. For the first time ever, I’m going to break my lifelong silence on the confidential techniques that I use to rake in countless repeat business from past customers"

My free-of-jargon formula on how to get the big-time eBay buyers to bookmark you as their favorite seller
How to sell your items to bidders who never managed to win your auctions. You can easily boost your profits by up to 300% using this rare method!
How to stimulate your past customers' interests, and have them return to you again and again for more!
How to upsell to your customers again and again and earn income from anybody who buys from you for life!
How to get the return business from even the customers you thought would never buy from you again!
How to cross-promote and upsell product after product to every bidder in your eBay auctions
How to earn a plethora of repeat business and get swarms of past buyers come back to purchase again and again!
How to use your own eBay listings to create a mob of new buyers for your high profit auctions.
How to grab a lifetime of repeat business from the big-money eBay customers
The age-old marketing method that you can use to upsell truckloads of additional products to your buyers

“And wait until you hear about the dirty tricks I use to gain the unfair
on eBay
. Lets hope your competition won’t get a hold of this info!”

I'll expose to you an alarming loophole in eBay's internal search engine that nobody knows of, and how to manipulate this knowledge to drive a leviathan of hungry new buyers to every item you list!
How to get Google, Yahoo, MSN, and hundreds of major search engines to drive a chockfull of new buyers to your auctions without spending a dime
The dirty method how you can slice away 50% of your eBay fees on every item you list!
How to use eBay as an engine to drive flocks of highly targeted buyers to your website and make a truckload of backend sales without dropping a dime on eBay fees
My elite method on how to "smart-buy" on every purchase and resell the same items for 200% of what you paid for it!
eBay has a "secret webpage" that lists all of their hottest-selling items that they never advertise anywhere! I'll show you how to gain access to this underground source and gain a mountain of advantage over every competitor!

How to automate 90% of the listing process and get a 30-minute job finished in as little as seconds!

Checks and money orders I had received in a day from my eBay customers:

My never-before-revealed secrets on how to receive heaps of discounts on your eBay fees without ever increasing your shipping!
How to turbo-charge the load time of all your eBay pages and get any hour-job finished within mere minutes!
How to put your eBay business in complete autopilot as it pulls waves of income to you around the clock without any work involved!
How to start your own consignment service on eBay by selling other people's products and pocketing their profits on your own spare time
A trick you can do before listing your item that can shoot your sales up 200%. Wait until you find out just how few sellers actually know and use this!
My "written in plain English" manual on how to boost your Buy-It-Now sales by over 300%
How to team eBay up with email marketing and generate thousands of oven-fresh profit streams

“I’m going to drop the bombshell on the dirty methods
you can use to completely shatter any competition!”

How to make yourself stand head and shoulders out from all of your competition and skyrocket your profits over 200%
My shocking secret on how to uncover the competition level for every product on the market – before you even sell a thing!
How to pamper yourself a mammoth advantage by using blogs to send heaps of new buyers to your auctions (you better hope this newfound marketing tactic doesn't get discovered by your competitors!)
My "Hit and Run" tactic on how you can locate the best selling eBay products, enter the market, and destroy the competition
My dirty secrets on how to literally steal away your competitors' customers
How to legally spy on your eBay competitors, and then spoil yourself silly with the info you discover

You'll be turning eBay into the ULTIMATE home-based business

The eBay scams that exist and how to steer clear away before you get taken for thousands!
My "I-can't-believe-you-have-it" secret on how to completely expose your customers' emotions (one of their many weaknesses), and how to use that to your advantage and earn sales that you'd normally never have had a chance otherwise!
How to legally cheat eBay's selling structure and sell your items to customers without ever paying a dime on fees!
How to minimize returns and refunds and make every sale worth to its fullest!
How to super-size your eBay business and turn it into the ultimate income machine.

And to turn this burning-hot package into the most explosive offer ever:

I'm giving you a no-cost marketing & advertising campaign to your eBay business for LIFE! I'll be advertising YOUR eBay store on a high traffic eBay page of a million-dollar website to drive hordes of eager buyers to your auctions at no costs. My commitment to advertise your store for you will be for LIFE, and I'll never ask you to pay an extra penny for it!


“Act now and I’ll even throw in two monstrous bonuses that
will you the unfair edge on the eBay marketplace!”

The Smart eBay Buyers' Guide

Selling on eBay may be one thing, but buying on eBay is whole new ball game! This 45-year old eBay veteran will teach you the insider secrets on how to buy just about ANYTHING on eBay for less!

Here’s a sneak-peek of what you can expect to discover:

  • How to get eBay to discount your purchases for you at no costs!
  • How some eBay sellers use a scary scheme to hide their horrific feedback reputation, and how you can use a little-known tool to expose these sellers' darkest secrets at a click of a button!
  • How to bid on any eBay item at the last second and earn yourself a bargain-basement deal -- and with just a click of a button! You'll never have to sit there and wait to the last minute!
  • How to buy every item on eBay cheaper than what the seller's asking for it!
  • How to grab amazing deals from eBay sellers on items that they sell behind-closed-doors and never advertise anywhere!
  • The eBay scams that are far-and-wide, and how to shield yourself from these nasty thieves before you get ripped off for thousands!
  • How to get your seller to ship items to you at minimal costs
  • How to receive discounts on shipping from your seller
  • How to receive free shipping from your seller!
  • The nasty consequences of bidding wars and how to safeguard yourself from this costly phenomenon!
    Plus much, MUCH MORE!

Your VERY OWN Powerseller Success Secrets eBook

I’m going to give you **Master Resell Rights** to my one of the most successful eBooks I’ve written in my early career: eBay Powerseller Success Secrets

This eBook will reveal to you the all the dirty secrets on how to create your own home-based income with eBay. This is one of the great works I’ve written earlier in my eBay career, and sold for $47 to tremendous success. It’s yours for NO COST if you take action today!

Oh…and I almost forgot! Are you ready for this? I’m even going to put YOUR name in my book and provide you the reprint rights. It’s yours to keep and freely sell on eBay. Best of all, YOU get to keep 100% of the profits! Plus, every sale that you make will generate an opportunity for you to earn a fat commission!

"How much would you pay for the ultimate
 eBay monster cash-generating package
that can
turn you into a mean, hard-hitting profit machine in
less time than you could ever possibly imagine?"

When I first introduced eBay Fortune to the market, I charged a flat $97 per copy - and this was before the course was revamped & updated to the latest power-packed edition; before I offered to expose my red-hot list of top secret wholesale suppliers; before I presented the ultimate marketing & advertising campaign, before I included any of the hair-raising exclusive bonuses; before the product was anything NEAR what it is now!

And you know what? It was a bargain for what it was worth. After all, eBay Fortune can make you reach your success on eBay quicker than you may ever think is possible. For a flat one time investment, you can leap miles ahead into a thriving eBay career that you may not even know was within your reach.

"Now, with all of the knock-out additions and updates
that I've exhaustively poured into the course to ensure it's
the biggest, baddest, most explosive eBay cash-pulling package you'll ever come across in your lifetime, how much
of a price tag would you personally slap on this baby?
$300? $500? Prepare for a shocking surprise!"

I won't be asking you for $500. I won't ask for $300, or even $200 to jumpstart your eBay success to incredible new heights. As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to ask for $97 (the bargain I was going to charge before I filled this package up to the brim with new additions and updates!), because as much as I know this course is worth, I also want to be able to make this affordable to everybody who wants to race across the superhighway to eBay financial independence, but without the funds to do so.

If you take advantage of this offer today, you can leap into a work-at-home career of your dreams for a fairytale-come-true, one-time investment of only $47. You can start making your first profits within 24 hours, and grow your business sky-high while wearing your favorite slippers within the next months. This one small investment will pay for itself for you timelessly in amounts you can't possibly even begin to imagine!

Lets recap on everything you'll be getting your hands on with eBay Fortune: The Definitive Roadmap to Auction Riches:

The eBay Fortune Guide


The Smart eBay Buyers' Guide

 $47 FREE!

Your VERY OWN Powerseller
Success Secrets eBook


 $67 FREE!

Lifetime No-Cost Advertising Campaign on a Million Dollar Website


Lifetime Updates



I’m so confident that you’re going to fall head-over-heels in love with eBay Fortune that I’m proud to put forth my personal Tom Barnes’ "Money-Where-His-Mouth-Is Money-Back Guarantee". If eBay Fortune doesn't turn you into an eBay cash-pulling "big boy" the moment you put its secrets to use, then I insist that you file for a 100% refund. I honestly just can’t see how I can deserve to make anything off of you if I can’t get you to become one of eBay’s biggest players following my roadmap to auction riches. This risk-free money-back guarantee gives you absolutely nothing to lose, but just about everything to gain!


Click below to own your copy of
Tom Barnes' “eBay Fortune: The
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